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Entry #2

Hey! My music, I need some tips.

2007-10-17 20:25:25 by zer1

Really, I need to know what to make for music. Techno or metal? I want to know what you guys like more, and I've never really tried to make a good techno song, mainly metal. I've only made 3 songs, 2 are metal and 1 is techno, but I was just messing around with it.

My best work is my third song I think: /101013

I'd like opinions on it and check out my other songs too, and read what I said I the techno one :P, I was just messing around, I only like the first 25 seconds of it.

I think I covered most of what I wanted to say... Cya later Newgrounds!


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2007-10-17 21:11:20 n/70959

This one's a bit of both, I know it's the type of stuff you make (based on your third song, but that's the only one I've listened to so far) but it's a song that I enjoy. Make something like that.


2007-10-17 21:14:39

I meant "I know it's not the type of stuff you make" not "I know it's the type of stuff you make"

PS. I've listened to two of your songs now, there pretty good, especial considering your age.

zer1 responds:

Hey, thanks! That is the kind of music I'd like to make, just having my own feel on it, like more metal(y) idk. And yeah, 13 years old, in 4 days I'm 14 though, lmao.


2007-11-16 20:37:01