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Hey! My music, I need some tips.

2007-10-17 20:25:25 by zer1

Really, I need to know what to make for music. Techno or metal? I want to know what you guys like more, and I've never really tried to make a good techno song, mainly metal. I've only made 3 songs, 2 are metal and 1 is techno, but I was just messing around with it.

My best work is my third song I think: /101013

I'd like opinions on it and check out my other songs too, and read what I said I the techno one :P, I was just messing around, I only like the first 25 seconds of it.

I think I covered most of what I wanted to say... Cya later Newgrounds!

Might Be Changing My User Name

2007-10-14 15:21:35 by zer1

Yeah, yeah, yeah I know what your thinking, I'm not popular or anything so why the hell am I changing it? Well, I just don't like the nickname + I figure I'll say this now, so if you see re uploads it's just so i can have it on one profile!